Brazilian Research And Studies Center

The Brazilian Studies and Research Center (BRaS) is a non-profit and an independent research center based in Würzburg, Germany. The BRaS produces and disseminates relevant social-science research with a focus on Brazil. The center’s core mission is to promote throughout the world scientific research on Brazil with a focus on its political, social, economic, and cultural development. Moreover, the BRaS are committed to the principle of science with and for society.


The BRaS emerged in 2019 as a result of a growing questioning of scientific values in the Brazilian context over the last years, which has been specially translated into the discouragement of any kind of academic social-science research. Brazil is an important global actor and its social and political effervescence, mainly since the 2013 popular protests, catch the attention of the whole world. Therefore, the BRaS aims to encourage the social-science academic research in order to promote a better grasp on debates, perspectives, concepts, and experiences about Brazil. To accomplish that, the BRaS is an interdisciplinary center, bringing together researchers from several social sciences’ branches, who have in common Brazil as a source of inspiration for their studies.


The BRaS focuses on the production and diffusion of social-science interdisciplinary research on Brazil. The center is dedicated to providing researchers an easy-access platform to find and publish high-quality research. Furthermore, as the BRaS advocates independent scientific research and knowledge transfer, it aims to achieve both academic and societal impact at a worldwide level.


Drawing on the BRaS’ mission of furthering social-science scientific research on Brazil and knowledge transfer, its objectives are the following:

  • To promote independent social-science scientific research about Brazil at a worldwide scale;

  • To connect Brazilian scholars and researchers from different countries and social sciences’ branches;

  • To develop innovative ways of connecting scientific knowledge and society;

  • To foster a scientifically engaged society;

  • To establish itself as a center of scientific excellence on Brazilian studies.


Brazil’s political, social, and economic development has utmost importance throughout the world. Important events in Brazil become news rapidly outside the country. Also, the Brazilian diversity in various fronts creates room for wide-ranging academic research on the country either by Brazilian researchers or international ones. Building on its commitment to conduct and disseminate high-quality social-science research about Brazil, the BRaS bring together researchers from different social-science fields to help make sense of the complex and challenging Brazilian situation. For more information on our research, please see our Research Groups.