Call for workgroups

Workgroup’s proposals are an initiative of Brazilian Research and Studies that aims to promote an exchange of academic and scientific practices through research, science and technology.

The Workgroup is implemented through partner organizations, or by the members of Brazilian Research and Studies themselves.

After the selection process, successful Workshop Coordinators will be responsible for recruiting participants to the workshops.

The workshops may be specific to a particular field of research or interdisciplinary in nature. If the workshop is interdisciplinary, please indicate this on the application form by ticking more than one assessment panel as instructed.

Workshops will be held in English. The exception will be when all workshop participants are Portuguese speakers. Then the workshop should be conducted in Portuguese.

Workshop Coordinators will lead on the research content of the workshops. The content must reflect the goal of the programme to build links for future collaboration and enhancing the researchers’ career opportunities.

1. Brief workshop guidelines

2. Sessions should be as interactive as possible with participants encouraged to share knowledge, experience and ideas.

3. Workshop coordinators and mentors should have the opportunity to share their expertise.

4 Suggested sessions:

4.1. Formal keynote lectures by the workshop coordinators and mentors.

4.2. Research sessions, where the early career researchers are able to share their current research (could be in poster format or oral presentations).

4.3. Networking sessions, where researchers are able to interact and explore opportunities for collaboration (e.g. speed-networking sessions).

4.4. Public engagement activity.

4.5. Cultural activity.

4.6. Positive aspects of being in direct contact with research (visits on location, laboratories, field work, database) and university.

4.7 Possibilities Possibilities of presenting researching and summaries at a distance. (Technologies for distance presentation should be discussed with Bras Network Comitte. It is necessary for the organizer to hold responsible for the availability of instruments and qualily necessary for the implementation of this point).

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