📢PhD-Project Workshop “Studying Political Actors and Institutions in Brazil: Methodological Approaches and Research Designs🌐

Dear PhD students in Political Science,

We are excited to announce the upcoming conference, “Studying Political Actors and Institutions,” a collaborative effort between the Brazilian Association of Political Science (ABCP) and the Brazilian Research and Studies Center (BRaS). This event aims to bring together scholars, researchers, and students in the field of Political Science to explore and discuss the latest advancements in understanding political actors and institutions.

🗓️ Date: April 16 and 17
📍 Location: Online/Remote

This conference provides a unique platform for PhD students to showcase their research, engage in meaningful discussions, and network with leading experts in the field. We invite you to submit your proposals and contribute to the diverse range of perspectives that will be presented during the conference.

🔍 Topics of Interest:

  • The Brazilian system of government
  • Executive-legislative relations
  • The populist challenge
  • The Brazilian federal system
  • Institutional weakness
  • Stability and reform of democratic institutions
  • Corporate actors in the Brazilian political system
  • Party system structure and development in Brazil
  • Party types and party organizations

💼 Submission Guidelines:
Interested PhD students are invited to submit their proposals by Feb 4. PhD candidates who are members of ABCP or of the Brazilian Research and Studies and Center and who are interested in presenting a proposal, should send an expanded abstract (maximum 500 words) and a short biography to the organizers. The abstract and the exposition must be in English.

🌐 Partnership Benefits:
The collaboration between ABCP and BRaS ensures a rich and diverse conference experience. It opens doors for international networking, potential collaborations, and exposure to a global audience.

📧 Submission Email:
Please send your proposals to abcp@cienciapolitica.org.br with the subject line“Studying Political Actors and Institutions in Brazil – abstract”. The abstract and the exposition must be in English.

We look forward to receiving your insightful contributions and making this conference a vibrant hub of intellectual exchange. For more information and updates, visit ABCP’s call.