by Vinicio Carrilho Martinez*

Translated and edited by Matheus Lucas Hebling


Bolsonarism’s trip to Russia had some meanings, more or less clarified – and perhaps without any clarification. Let’s see some that we know:

1. The first objective, as always, was to cut the path of the national reality, catastrophic, with a busted economy, millions in the line of bones of a second, and, yes, with a civil war just around the corner of the time.

2. As a transmission belt of the 1st objective, not publicly confessed, is the conviction that Bolsonarismo has risen or is stable in the safety margins of electoral polls: what is not mentioned, in this case, is the fact that the real opponents (not the fictional ones) have not yet entered the electoral race – so Bolsarismo has not yet known the heaviest criticisms and the most acid vignettes against itself and its people.

3. Thus, the third objective of the trip and also a link in the transmission belt was the attempt to pose as a statesman: he took an agreement on “fertilizers” under his arm.

4. With the use of disruptive technology and wide replication on social networks, a mystical scenario was forged – after taking Deux’s hand – in which the Envoy would have avoided the war in Ukraine: allied to the Envoy’s insinuations, it is difficult to say how many millions believe that, but it is to be believed that millions do, since, around here, there has already been a conversation with “Jesus in Goiabeira”.

5. Biden’s USA, which, by definition, is anti-Trump, was lashed out a little more. Trump is and will always be the icon of the far right: the so-called New Order.

6. On the way back, another current fascist expression was visited: Orbán, in Hungary, carried out a coup d’état, with extensive use of the armed forces, and then applied a type of self-coup, declaring a severe State of Siege.

Other intricacies of this entourage, paid with the national treasury, are suppositions of the magical and tragic realism that has struck us since the 2016 coup. elected Trump – after the disservice rendered by Assange and WikiLeaks. With Sowden, the story is quite different, as he exposed the guts of the Empire’s national security, the absolute denial of privacy, and the handling of information by the Big Eye that inhabits the NSA (National Security Agency). In this case, the real objective would be to promote the complete discrediting of the Federal Superior Court (TSE) and electronic voting machines, for who knows, in case of electoral defeat in 2022, to create the technological-theocratic fantasy that there was “ electoral fraud”.

It is incredible to think, under the framework of magical and tragic realism, that in the 21st century Fascism can reinvent itself as theocratic and technological mysticism; not only is Deux invoked by the neo-Pentecostalism of prosperity, with a quick and miraculous economic result, but it is also brilliantly believed in the anime’s ability to surf the waves of virtual life, in the imposition of parallel reality, coming and going to the mystical and virtual world. , coming and going to Russia in the anointed plane and destined to give orders to Putin and NATO.

What we see, abundantly, in this fascist junction between technology and the theocracy of prosperity, is the enormous appeal, commotion among worshipers, and absolute belief in mysticism simplified by memes on social networks: from Messiah to messianism is just a step away.

We are very close to the Nazi technological experiments (anti-vax on the rise) as well as the social and psychological experiments of Tin Tones: Chico Anysio’s derisive parody of Jin Jones’ suicidal-homicidal reality at the Peoples Temple in 1978. Thus, there will always be the question that does not leave our heads: what is Fascism? What is National Fascism? What is this hallucinogenic effect that we experience: how to explain that millions of people attribute reality to anime and memes?

This New Order, in this Fascism transmission belt, survived the end of Mussolini and always ran in heat, feeding in bizarre ways. are in the package the biggest billionaires in the IT industry, the secret spy services, neo-Nazi groups, the browns and the poor refused membership by the German Nazi Party, the so-called “involuntary celibates” (men refused by all, all, women), our “ right-wing poor”, the whole series of believers, whether or not packed with psychoactive, hallucinogenic drugs, capable of making the individual believe that the virtual is “the” real, the fanatics of the theology of prosperity and, of course, the Illuminatti, everything that it is extreme right-wing anti-Enlightenment (never to be confused with the left-wing critique of the Enlightenment), in addition to, of course, disruptive financial capital, death worshipers in general, anti-vax supporters. A brief conclusion would reveal two more objectives:

Bolsonarism went for a walk but saw itself as a stranger (CAMUS, 1990) who only knew weirdness.


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