About the Blog

The Brazilian Research and Studies Blog (BRaS Blog) provides a space for researchers and students with a focus on Brazil to publish their research and opinions to a broader audience. The BRaS Blog has an interdisciplinary outlook integrating human, social, and applied social sciences. We welcome opinion articles, essays, research notes, or summaries with a research focus on Brazil. The BRaS Blog’s purpose is to open room for debate about academic thematics with a more accessible approach. The aim is to present scientific discussions about Brazil favoring the democratization of knowledge access. The BRaS Blog publishes content in English and, in extraordinary cases, texts in Portuguese will also be accepted. The BRaS Blog Editorial Board will evaluate the submissions, which will be freely available on the BRaS website.


What do we publish?

We publish research notes, opinion essays, and interviews focused on Brazil. We are glad to accept manuscripts that analyze public policies and social, economic, or cultural analyses of current or historical phenomena in/that include the country.



Researchers, scholars, policymakers, and postgraduate students.


How to submit?

All submissions are made through the link https://bras-center.com/blog-submission.


Submission Guidelines

The submissions must be sent in MS Word. The word limit for the post is between 1000 and 1300 words besides the references. 

The author (s) must show 5 or 6 keywords and send a short bio with name, current status (Ph.D. Candidate, Professor, etc.), university, and research interests.

The submissions must be original and unpublished work of the author(s). The author(s) may post the post content elsewhere after giving due credit to the BRaS Blog.