by Vinício Carrilho Martinez

Translated by Matheus Lucas Hebling


Premise, for good connoisseurs: “bozo syndrome” – a variant of Stockholm Syndrome – this unreal Brazilian situation, in which oligophrenics are happy hostages of psychotics.

In general, Fascism seems to have resurrected an anti-juridical figure from ancient Roman Law: Homo sacer (Agamben, 2002). It is estimated a type of treatment given to some individuals who would be below the minimum mark of Darwin’s natural selection. These individuals would be below the status in life, for example, of slaves and livestock: working or domestic animals. Therefore, treated as an undesirable organic waste by ancient society, they could be slaughtered freely – without the need for compensation. Historically, 20th century Fascism has dispensed this form of social dishonor to countless social groups: the physically handicapped, homosexuals, political opponents (“enemies of the State”), gypsies, prisoners, Jews, “unproductive beings” and even their disabled soldiers. for the war.
Another characteristic observed, by common agreement, was the organization and handling of active militias in order to produce institutional destabilization, social disturbance, chaos in convulsed societies, in addition to a lot of “programmed lies” to further disrupt the rules of the game. . Resilience would come in the course of history in the face of the particularities of each devastated country, for example, if we compare German military industrialism, Italian bravado and the chameleonic durability of Spanish Francoism. The latter played Hitler’s friend, with a free territorial passage, but at a low cost because he was little involved in the 2nd World War. While it lasted beyond the very dismantling of the Axis of Evil.
Sadism was the hallmark of Francoism, the desire for death, sociopathy, ethnic cleansing in the name of Madrid’s elitism – it can be said that the end of dreams was decreed there (Del Toro and Funke, 2019). This type of social-military experimentation was widely revived in Latin America and in the countless series of coups and social massacres: from Brazil in 1964 to Pinochet’s Chile. Ironically, in place of the lost dream (end of Utopia), realism was created visually out of step with reality – it was called magical realism (Márquez, 2001). The tragedy of it all is that flesh and blood individuals lived displaced in metaphysical torpor, inhabitants of worlds and parallel realities. The military was haunted: cows grazed in the palatial cabinet and devoured its red carpets. Paranoia perhaps defined them, as did sadism, human degradation, and mutilation, the compulsion for death and unspeakable torture.
Therefore, if any political subject or group – in the 21st century – makes use of or proclaims the intention to handle this instrument, obviously, they present themselves as spokespersons for this capacity for reinvention, readjustment, adaptation of the so-called postmodern world. The rural and urban (palace) militias active in Brazil in 2022 leave no doubt – in fact, they don’t even bother to erase the traces: Marielle is just an example, a symbology of the factor. Hate offices that are the protagonists of the fight against public vaccination against COVID-19 do nothing but expand virtually all types of Fake News, lies literally programmed by computers or experts in human melting through the use of the main technology of this century: networks. social networks, the exchange, and capture of data by spy programs (digital robots or institutionalized hackers).
Resilience, in this case, and in many others, implies this ability to adapt to the “emergence of the new Fascism” (the “new wild beast”), with the intention of monopolizing and exponentially using technical resources as political inputs for disaggregation, intimidation, and social and military control: The technical a priori has always been a political a priori (Marcuse, 1999). The very high capacity to produce lethal techniques and antisocial technologies is one of the references of Nazism; as well as being a logo of Brazilian anti-science. Always associating itself with what can be called “illogical”, this ideological greenhouse effect corrupts the neuronal protection of living animals.
In Brazil in 2022, the ozone layer was not measured as a support for terrestrial-environmental life, but as an instrument for intestinal inoculation – in the fight against the COVID-19 virus. Undoubtedly, this type of Brazilian surreal outbreak is capable of making all the greatest supporters of magical realism blush with astonishment and amazement. The result, as is well known, is our daytime tragic realism – look at the image of the ruler holding Deux’s hand. How many don’t believe in this miracle? After all, isn’t Deux Brazilian?
Others will ask themselves – in the best mesoclisis of the famous Temer: if God is Brazilian, who will be against us? This one is easy: the vengeful Homo sacer , led by the captain of the bush, the government and the State itself, the rentier capital, the atavistic middle class and thirsty to prove that Nelson Rodrigues was absolutely right, the postmodern slavers of B3 in their defense of labor and social security reforms, etc.
Whoever does not believe is wrong. Even in the 7×1, God was Brazilian…it could have been from 14 to zero.
Finally, it is always necessary to remember that the Brazilian reason is millidecimal, that is, one thousandth more of the intelligence quotient and you become a suspected communist.


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