Boletim Lua Nova and BraS have established a partnership agreement for the publication and promotion of academic texts. The agreement will expand the content offered by both institutions. BraS editorial staff will dedicate an exclusive section of its website to Lua Nova texts. The texts of this section will also be indexed in the German Library by the ISSN 2701-4924 identifier. 

Boletim Lua Nova results from the process of editorial diversification of Centro de Estudos de Cultura Contemporânea (CEDEC), based in São Paulo-SP, Brazil, aiming at expanding Revista Lua Nova target audience and promoting the publicization of texts in Social Sciences and related areas through the mobilization of other discursive structures in contemporaneity. Its objective is to continue to discuss democracy, rule of law, and development, adding new spaces of content production and dissemination to the Center.

Partnership with: